Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The WFOT (World Federation of OT) Conference - registration and Day 1!

Hello everyone! Despite it having been a long day and with another long day ahead tomorrow, I just wanted to publish a new post as I feel so enthused by the first couple of days at the conference! After moving to a new hotel (See picture). Monday as pre- registration day where we got to mix and mingle (i.e network - my favourite thing to do), and as the photos below will hopefully show I certainly made some instant friends at the conference! The conference setting itself was made all the more picturesque by the mountain backdrop as you can see.

There was an air of anticipation as people form literally all over the world convened to meet. My first new found friends were three Chilean students - Pepe, Vanesa and Pamela seen with me below...

I also met a really nice group of OT´s from Taiwan - see below

The actual conference started today with an interesting key note speaker and a lively Chilean band to keep the crowds entertained. The main formalities and introductions were kept quite short which allowed for things to get started pretty quickly. Here are a few shots of the day as it unfolded....

And then the party started.....

Ok, it´s late and I need some sleep!
Regards from Chile

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  1. Dan - we had not idea how gorgeous you were... great to meet you today - Merrolee and Anita